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Henriette den Ouden

Henriette den Ouden,
Individual Herbal and Health Consultations
M.S., Herbal Medicine;
Herb Grower; Master Tea Blender; Clinical Herbalist 


For specialty teas, herbal medicine consultations and cooking classes. Henriette has a Master’s degree in Herbal Medicine and uses modern, science based and traditional Western herbalism.  Her specialty is creating the combination of herbs that is just right for you.

     Henriette came in the US in 1992.  When she applied for her green card she knew, ultimately, she would start her own business – but had no idea doing what.  That came to her a after her partner Deborah died of a rare co-infection of HIV that slowly took her movement and speech away.  Henriette realized life is too precious to be spent on working for a corporation without adding anything of value to the world.  She needed a complete change.  While Deborah was sick Henriette felt pretty helpless not knowing what herbs other than chamomile and ashwaganda would help her partner be stronger.  Henriette had always been growing veggies and herbs in her Washington DC backyard and when she discovered Tai Sophia Institute she knew she had found her place and path – Herbal Medicine – a learning that combines both health and growing.  She got a Master’s degree in Botanical Medicine from Maryland University of Integrated Health and moved to Tyaskin.

  • In the past I used valium and Prozac.  Three years ago I didn’t want to go back to them and I talked with Henriette.  She helped me with herbs and kept me sane for this long and difficult period in my life.
  • I recently attended a presentation of Medicinal Herbs given by Henriette den Ouden. Henriette has obviously embraced the world of medicinal herbs and her passion of the subject is contagious to everyone within earshot. She brought herbs that she had grown in her garden and taught us how she processed each part of the plant. A wonderful demonstration of medicinal herbs and how they can improve our health without harsh side effects.
  • Thank you for the e-mail. I am starting to feel a little better. I feel much calmer! I think I like both the tincture and the capsules. I really feel like my muscles feel better already.  I have had two good nights of sleep so we are moving in the right direction.
  • After I did a class with Henriette I followed up with a consult to see what could be done about my night sweats.  They have been keeping me awake for years now.  We talked about overall health and how the night sweats fit into that.  She gave me a tincture and a tea and they are really helping me.  It is just fabulous to sleep through the night.  Thanks so much.
  • Thanks for taking the time to meet with me. I really appreciate it. I am super excited about the framework we have created to free up my time and organize my life!  A quick update. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders! When I went over my list with my family, they were so receptive!  I am on my way and I am incredibly grateful for your insight! I truly appreciate it!