Habanera Farm, LLC

Our Work Together

For that extra that appears when two people complement each other: different insights, more entertainment, energy and happiness.  Chris and Henriette together teach classes, offer various series and workshops on natural approaches to addressing health and relationships, and weekend or day retreats focusing on their signature ‘The Seasons Within’ practical approach of thriving in all endeavors.  Chris and Henriette are available to create presentations and programs where both will contribute on an individual base, and will shine when together.

At our location or yours, together we offer natural, custom made solutions for:

  • Company Staff and Executive Retreats
  • Educational workshops and seminars
  • Non-profit staff conferences
  • Healing Intensives
  • Healthy, tasty, fresh food cooking trainings
  • Healing workshops


On the farm:

Ultimately, we teach people to be still, and listen to their bodies and their own inner voices, and Habanera Farms is the perfect setting for finding such peaceful clarity.

  • Family reunions
  • Church retreats
  • Creative arts
  • Women’s retreats
  • Men’s retreats 

Habanera Farm is open for groups and will work with your group or organization to create that special program!  In our space or yours, Henriette and Chris, working together as a team offer engaging, entertaining, and inspiring programs, workshops and classes.

  • I have seen both Henriette, for natural treatment of several health issues, and Chris, as a Life Coach, who helped me work through problems I was having with the inevitable changes that come with aging, and she helped me realize life is always being re-defined and how to make choices to enhance my current and future life. A consultation with either Chris or Henriette is more like a visit with a friend; a warm, caring and knowledgeable friend, whose concern for you is genuine.  I have recommended both women to many of my family and friends, and am happy to recommend them to you.  Oh, and their natural foods cooking classes are cozy, enjoyable, and yummy!!