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Coaching Consultations

springVisiting with the Wellness & Spiritual Consultant from Habanera Farm — Chris Himmel

I offer spiritual and wellness coaching based on clarity, focus, support and nature’s rhythm.  You will learn what it is to observe life through the lens of nature and establish nurturing partnerships, wellness, goals and dreams.

Coaching is all about helping you get very clear on your current habits and choices, bringing to light what you most want, laying out a great plan that aligns with your values, and supporting you to make all the changes needed to achieve the outcomes you desire.  As a practice, coaching is not designed to address psychological illness and coaches are neither therapists nor consultants.  Additionally, clients need not currently have a strong spiritual connection.  Many clients come for coaching with little or no connection currently in their lives.  As a Spiritual and Wellness Coach, I respect all forms of spirituality you may currently be practicing.

If you are ready for action — by phone or in person I can help you discover practices that fit you — shifts in your life that you can put in place for building fulfilling relationships, ease in your body and a balanced work, health, emotional and spiritual life!  Together we can discover ways you can move forward in your life.

About the Wellness & Spiritual Consultant — Chris Himmel


Chris Himmel is co-founder of Habanera Farm, LLC, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and a Spiritual and Wellness Consultant.  Chris teaches ways of  dealing with grief to move beyond loss. Chris also offers spiritual and wellness coaching to support people with chronic health concerns and those ready to make the shifts necessary to bring harmony, balance, and awareness into their lives.  She is an adjunct faculty member at Tai Sophia Institute, where she earned a Masters of Applied Healing Arts.

Through the coaching process, Chris helps clients find flow in the lives of her clients, assess goals in light of their deepest desires, set new goals and benchmarks, break habits that damage and develop ones that nourish, and support those with chronic health concerns to design a life beyond their disease.

Chris offers one-on-one coaching  sessions, group coaching sessions, workshops and presentations on the embodied experience of observing life through the lens of nature, awareness of the body’s responses to life events, effectively making requests and communicating and recovering joy to individuals, businesses and community groups.

Chris’s abiding interest is creating environments where nature is honored as a teacher, practices are developed for living each day alive and awake and where those touched by terminal illnesses are tended to and learn skills for self-care. Before co-founding the wellness and awareness center Habanera Farm, LLC, Chris used her skills for coaching others in the process of effectively making requests and communicating as a Vice President of Technology in the corporate world.

Chris can be reached at 410.873.2953 or 302.604.9856
or via email at Chris Himmel, MA.