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Day 2 of Dr Oz Detox

Detox Bath Ingredients

The makings of a great detox bath!

The end of the second day of the Dr. Oz detox diet.  One more to go.  The only task waiting for me today is a bath in Epson water with 10 drops of lavender oil.  That is the easy part, I finally take the time to soak, because Dr. Oz tells me to.  I have been hungry most of the day, I have had a headache more severe in the morning than later, otherwise I am doing okay.  I don’t have to stay near to the bathroom, I am pretty happy about that.  Although also a little confused, isn’t the goal to rid my body of toxins, don’t they go out through my bowels?  I slept well yesterday night, sometimes I wake up at night, hungry.  I expected to do that with this diet, and I was pleased it did not happen. I haven’t been the most intelligent or quick person today.  I am wondering how this diet impacts my brain.  There are more signals going from my gut to my brain than visa versa.  So what happens to my brain when my gut is filled with flax seed particles, celery fiber, kale, blue berries and mango sugars? And fluids, lots of fluids.  One day Dr. Oz diet means 11 fl. Oz. of veggie juice and coconut water and water?  (I never realized the real meaning of Dr. Oz’ name, it is ounce).  My concentration has been a little off both days.  My mood is okay, I have only been in a bad mood for a short period during the ‘lunch’ drink, the only one I do not like.  Otherwise I feel pretty happy.  I have to laugh a lot as I can still not believe I am doing this.  Yesterday I gained 5 pounds during the day, they all disappeared during the night.  I don’t do this for weight loss, I do it out of curiosity.  The thought that there is only one more day to go is exciting, how will I feel tomorrow evening, even better, the day after tomorrow.  What will be the first thing I will eat?