Habanera Farm, LLC

Teas, etc.

We offer Habanera Farm grown and processed herbal teas and tea blends, fair trade and organic black and green teas, tea accessories, unique and limited availability plants and other special item local goods.

Habanera Farm produces superior quality 100% natural herbal teas from our farm grown herbs.

We set high standards for growing and processing while exceeding safety standards.  Habanera Farm is the first licensed herbal tea processor and producer in Maryland.  Herbal teas are created by combining high quality farm grown herbs with or without the addition of imported organic fair trade teas or herbs from other regions. All teas are extensively tested on taste and consistency.  We have been growing and blending since 2007 and added the nations first solar thermal herb dryer in 2011 to produce our teas in an energy efficient and responsible way.


Some of the places where our tea are sold: